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Ticking boxes again

Sorry about the lack of blogs this week it has been 2.30 am starts every day and long days just love tarpon. It is great to see regular Ian  again and Kevin, this time Ian has brought his brother Robert and friend Paul. Guess what they would both like to catch a tarpon and permit so game on. The fishing this week has been on fire to much to blog to day and plenty of pics but yesterdaywas very special. Started early 4 am at 7 mile bridge but the tarpon were slow and not seeing any fish were just about to go offshore when the one other boat jumped a fish so ok we will give it just an other half an hour. Well after 10 mins I saw a fish roll near Roberts float then the float went and FISH ON.  A long very dogged fight started this fish went through the bridge many times but Robert handled it like a pro and nearly a half a mile from the hook up and after 55 mins the fish was ours. A very fat fish and using the tables came out at 131 lbs not a bad first tarpon at all well done.

Well after that it was straight out to the permit mark a bit lumpy 8 miles offshore but ok to fish. Ian had one on first drift but that ended up as shark food and I was hoping it was all not going to end in tears. We were having fun with big crevalle just look at the rod bend on Roberts fish but it was Paul who had the permit. What a first permit near 30 lb and so hard a fight in 100 ft water just up and down no stopping but the smile says it all well done part two.