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Permit please

For a lot of guys on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys permit is number two on the list and some people it is number one. After a slow early morning yesterday on the tarpon in the dark it was 8 miles offshore to tick the permit box. Well the wrecks were on fire as the numbers of permit grow to the height of the spawn fish each drift. The best news was again this year not big numbers of shark we only lost two I know most guys love shark fishing but you don’t want them at the permit spawn. Next week we have some fly anglers here and as the permit are taken very close to the surface in gin clear water I am very keen to give the fly ago, that will be fun in 100 ft of water.

Talking afterwards to the guys they were saying that the tarpon is fun but you have to get up at silly o clock and when you have one on it becomes a spectator sport and with the last two fights being 1 hr 20 mins and 55 mins a long wait. With the permit fishing you can all fish at the same time and it is more than common to have more than one fish at a time. Also you can do it all day when the fish are feeding . After the permit it was back into the bay and we have found an other Goliath grouper wreck but a small tropical storm meant I had to get four very wet but happy guys back.