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A very very big fish!

The other day while wrecking on my favorite wreck in the bay we had over four grouper over 100 lb when I noticed a 5 lb + jack in the bait box. We always keep a few jacks for cut bait and if there is no fresh they make a good shark bait, so I said to the guys do you want to do something silly. What they all said yes, I replied why dont we use the whole fish and go for a big one I know they are here as we have had fish near 400 lb from this mark. So reel locked up no drag at all the bait went down and the float went under first run. Now you know if you are using a 5 lb bait it will not be small and after setting the hook we were into a monster. For some strange reason the was my first ever Goliath that did not go straight back to the wreck instead it went north into clear ground. After a good battled I was able to work the leader and with the water boils I knew it was a very big fish. As it broke the surface it was an Oh My God moment this was a very special fish well over 500 lb and very unhappy.

Unfortunately we only managed one pic as this one was a very shy fish but you can see from the dorsal fish just how big it was. The mad thing about this wreck it is in only 10 ft of water, yes just 10 ft . During all my years in the Florida Keys and fishing this wreck I have never seen it and it comes up to 5 ft. Maybe this is why the fish stay and grow more murky water to hunt and they feel safe all I know it is a fun place to fish if you want big.