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The three hour club ?

Well they say lightning does not strike in the same place twice but the other day’s tarpon fishing it all seemed as though we had done this before. It started as normal in the Florida Keys a 4 am start and down to the bridge the tarpon were on fire did not even get the second rod in Robin shouted fish on. Well this was a dirty fish straight round the concrete and back out fish off. Next rod in the water it was Simon’s turn to shout fish on you dream about days like this. This was a much nicer fish and straight through the bridge and out in the Atlantic just pulling line like Geoff’s the day before. In fact it was very like Geoff’s a very, very big fish we were all joking your turn to do three hours of pain. Well even stranger the fish was on the same track less a few degrees and the first hour came and went as did the second and the third. Totally unreal I have now been doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over eight years and never had a three hour fight till the other day and to get an other one the next day amazing. Well we got the fish to the boat after 3 hrs 5 mins and a fight that went 3.54 miles from the bridge in the crystal clear waters the fish was just jaw dropping.

Trying to get the fish to the tapes is not easy maybe you could fight them longer but then the fish would be dead and a fish this big is over 40 years old and deserve to go back with a fighting chance. At the tape it gave one very stong pull and it was off a done deal but no acurate numbers you can see from one of the photos just how big its back was a huge girth. I would say well over 6 ft long meaning high hundreds and again very near 200 lb Simon had just joined the 3 hr tarpon club !