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One more box ticked

Its amazing just how quick a fishing holiday here in the Florida Keys goes and despite the guys staying for 10 days it was the last planning meeting and is there anything anyone wants to catch question. Well Geoff said I would still love to catch a big grouper and lucky for me that is a very easy box to tick. We have the wreck and thanks to old friend Jim Whippy we have the method that works and we have had many massive grouper. So with flat calm seas ( the boys have been very lucky with the weather ) off we went 20 miles into Florida bay. With calm seas it is a lot easyier to get the pick right and soon the boys were on bait so all ready. So Geoff was the firstguy on the grouper rod and it was first or second run down that lovely bob bob and float away just hold the rod and the circle hook does the rest then fish on and the Whippy walk to drag the fish out of the wreck.  I have been told I sound unreal when I say its only a small one about 150 lb but for this wreck at 150 lb it is small.  Fish to the side of the boat and photos taken and one very happy angler and the box ticked just how cool is that. Simon said I think I could manage one a little bigger so all we have to do is just use a bigger bait and very soon he was into a bigger grouper.

This wreck still leaves me head shaking all this is going on in 10 ft of water and I am sure there are fish to 1000 lb on it. Simon’s fish was in the 250 to 300 lb range a stunning fish by anyone’s standards so two very tired but happy fishermen. Robin had had one the other day and he said one of those brutes is enough so it was off to play with the barracuda again.