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Not a bad first dorado

On young Robin’s tick list was tuna and dorado so one day last week we got the boat ready for an early run in the dark to the tuna grounds. Well at 4.30 am it was touch and go the seas were a lot bigger than I like and running 25 miles in the dark and big seas not fun but we were all up so what the hell. It did mean our speed was well down and we were going to get there late I like to arrive just as it is getting light and it was well light when we arrived. The seas were rough water was hitting the humps at nearly 6 knots and in nearly 1000 ft a large mass of water hitting a 500 ft mountain can only go up. What was strange was very few birds meaning the tuna were down or just not there very strange for the west hump as we call it. We tried all the methods but no tuna so a short run to the east hump so 6 miles away. Again very rough water from the current but I had two hard hits on the jig then we all saw a very big dorado in the very clear waters offshore they stand out so well.  Out went two trolling rods and very soon Robin shouted fish on at the same time Simon also said fish on so two rods and two fish on. A very spectacular fight and lots of jumps it even ended with the fish jumping in the boat and it is not easy to gaff a fish in the transom well but I did and what a cracking fish.

What did come as a surprise was it the same fish that had taken both baits such is how hard these fish feed in their short lives. Back on the dock this fish weighed 24 lbs so with blood loss about 26 to 28 on the boat a stunning first dorado. On the way back home we found some weed and some small dorado but nothing like the first one. Robin said I am just leaving something to do on my next trip now that’s what I like to hear.