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Shark smiles

Looking back through photos of an amazing fishing holiday that Simon, Geoff and Robin had the other week one fish seemed to say it all. While I love my tarpon and permit and all the other game fish in the Florida Keys the good old blacktip shark seems to tick all the boxes. I suppose if you had to design a game fish it would have to run hard, jump , grow up to the magic 100 lb, and give a fair fight. Well this fish does it all and then some. We are very lucky in the Florida Keys that they are here in numbers all year and are a relatively easy fish to target. We have them on both sides of the island but I think they are so much more fun in the less than 10 ft waters of the Florida bay. We catch them in open water not near any line breaking concrete and you don’t need to be near any wrecks either. Just lots of good chum and we drip neat oil into the sea as well if the wind is going in the same direction as the tide. As with all fishing the more run the more fun and normaly within 30 mins or so they will appear.

Depending on average size sometimes if they are only in the 30 lb range we can go down to just 20 lb gear now that is fun just hoping there is enough line for that first screaming run. If they are in the 100 lb range we need the 80 lb gear I know it seems a bit over the top but believe me you need it the power a big blacktip can make is amazing. As I said in my last blog the numbers of these fish are very good and in some areas huge amounts of small fish which means their future is also looking very good.