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Nice one Henry

At last someone in the UK is speaking some sense on bass conservation. After reading Henry Gilbey’s blog yesterday I have to nearly agree 100 % with what he said. I have been lucky enough to fish with Henry many times and yes he is as mad as they come but you would be hard to find any one with more passion for fishing anywhere. I am very lucky to live and work in a part of the world where long ago they realised that you can only eat a fish once but catch it many times. If you want to conserve fish then the Florida model is very good, they quickly found out how important the big fish are and the slot regs came out, fish which needed more help were given no take seasons. I admire the Irish bass closed season but stopping people from fishing for one species in the sea I am not sure about. Bag limits are also a very important part of the plan as are regional variations if a fish needs help drop the bag limit till it recovers. Here in the Florida Keys we have had a four month grouper ban for the last two years and it has made a difference. Spotted seatrout have been the most recent success story with a slot size, bag limit and a closed season they have come back big time.

In fact they have been doing so well the state has removed the closed season and you can enjoy one when ever you want. Well I hope Henry’s blog makes some people think please, please put the big bass back it will make a difference. Maybe things will never change and there will never be regs in the UK but you one your own can make a difference and it will work and if other people see you put a big fish back it might just catch on.