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Ouch part 2

Here in the Florida Keys sometimes the fish can bite back. Yes anything with can and will bite back  I have seen a shark less than 2 feet long take a big bite out of an angler. The teeth of all our mackerel are very very sharp and just a glance will produce a deep cut. Then we have a few that can inject venom and cause serious pain. I was one the wrong end of one of these the other day our Spotted Scorpion fish to give this sucker its full name.

In all my 50 + years on this planet I have never felt pain like it. First my hand swelled up then went totally paralyzed not nice then the arm started as well. Back at the house I just had to load up with drugs and the swelling slowly went down as did the pain. I can tell you all next time anyone has one of these I will cut the line at the reel !!!!