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Cracking day

Despite the wind and rain ( yes it is the wet season ) we had a dream day yesterday. The only problem with return guys on fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys they do remember the good weather. All I can do as a guide it try my best which I think I do the only thing I cant do is change the weather. Well the plan was to get some big baits have a go for barracuda then target some goliath grouper. The wind was a bit strong but Dave nailed a stunning 26 lb cuda on the tube lure, why are there big cuda on this spot I don’t know just love it and enjoy. The only problem with the grouper baits were nurse shark and why do I say it but every time I say what about a group shot I regret it but it does make a cool pic.

Well it was off to the old favorite spot for goliath and they were there big time I lost count but Arun had a 150 lb + on a small shark bait these fish will eat anything. High light of the day was what happened next, down the chum slick a tarpon rolled. In a blur Arun had a bait out and first run down the float went, tarpon on then tarpon off just love it. Second run this one stuck despite the fish wrapping round the props we had it to the boat a cracking fish about 60 lb. Dave even managed a pic with the fish full in full air pics to follow, despite an other wet day in the Florida Keys back to the dock with some very happy anglers, job done.