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A very special day

Sometimes here in the Florida Keys we have a days fishing that afterwards you ask yourself did that really happen was it a dream ? The other day started of as the rest of the week a strong wind and the threat of rain we are lucky here we can still fish. The choice was the banks in the bay or the bridges well we decide to give Bahia Honda a go, maybe the cafe had something to do with it. Bahia Honda is the deepest bridge in the Florida Keys and the main channel goes to 23 ft which is why during the season you can catch big tarpon all day. Also it has a population of very big goliath grouper so much so that a university put an underwater webcam to study them. Over the last year I have been watching a very big fish on a regular basis and in the back of my mind I have had a plan. The only problem with Bahia Honda is as many a tarpon angler has found out is it has a lot of concrete two road bridges and hundreds of piles.

Well we got there and it was slack water so of to cafe for a quick lunch then back to the bridge and yes we were very close to the webcam why not. A few small snapper then I said anyone fancy ago at a big grouper so over went our big 80 lb braid rod and a big bait on a 22/o circle hook. On the first run down the float went and using a 2 lb bait you know it will not be small so fish on and Dave was in big time. As I expected the fish went straight between the piles so we slipped the pick and tried to drag the fish out. I have to give Dave 11 out of 10 for effort and yes he dragged the fish out. What happen next was very strange we all expected the fish just to go straight back but no it just swam out into the open water why I have no idea maybe it just felt sorry for us.

Well we got it to the boat and what  a fish big or what in fact maybe the biggest we have ever had. I have shown the photos to locals who all say way over 500 lb how much some were saying even 600 lb all I know is the fish of many lifetimes. I have to say to the university sorry but I had to give it a go but thanks for giving a Brit on a fishing holiday a fish of his life.