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Arun’s tarpon

The one thing I still like about the Florida Keys is that the fish some times do not read the book as was the case the other day on the grouper wreck. A group of tarpon from nowhere just appeared in the chum slick behind the boat. Not big bridge fish but solid hard fighting 60 to 80 lb and they were on the feed in the day time also not in the main tarpon book.  As I said in a recent blog first run down for Arun fish on this one he lost but the next one after a very hard fight we had to the boat where the hook just fell out how lucky was that. Dave did take some cool pics and any photo of a tarpon in the air is a good one.


After the last blog had a few inquiries about grouper fishing and I think it would help to give a bit more information here. Goliath grouper fishing is not seasonal you can catch them any day of the year. They also live on certain wrecks and will never leave them so if you have the numbers you will always catch.  It is also certain maths the bigger the bait the bigger the grouper all you have to do is just hang on. I only have a few places left this year so if you are thinking about coming over don’t leave it to late.