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Number 110 ?

The one thing that still blows me away after doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys now for over 8 years is that we are still catching new species. We have been very lucky and had some rare ones, giant sawfish, ribbonfish, bigeyetuna and snowy grouper just to name a few in fact the list now stands at 109 and if last weeks fish is a new one it will be 110. The new one, a shark was caught be Dave on a bank some 5 miles north of 7 mile bridge. This bank is about half a mile long and comes up to just 6 in so calms the sea in a south or north wind, a bad day spot but always has barracuda and jacks. We were fishing a deeper cut on the bank and Dave was floating a bait down when fish on and this was on a sporty rod and gave a good account of its self. I pride my self in knowing my Florida Keys shark but this one was different, same size as blacknose but a much rounder head and stocky body.


I will be sending pics to shark guys in Florida so I will let you all know if it is number 110 or not. We are back in the UK for our summer ( hurricane ) break so if you have any questions about our fishing holidays phone  ( 01668 216173 ) or  email  and I will call you back. If you like catching fish and want one as big as yourself and fed up with the UK weather please get in touch but we are booking up fast so don’t leave it to long.