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Why Fish the Dream part one the boat

The one thing you want right on a boat fishing holiday is the boat I know that sounds simple but over the years I have heard many horror stories. To travel half way round the world, spend a large amount of money and be in the best fishing location means nothing unless the boat is right and it does the job. When we sett up Fish the Dream after a large number of years boat fishing I also wanted this to be right as they say you only get one chance for a first impression. We decided to spend a whole holiday in the Florida Keys just getting the boat and I spent many days in showrooms and on the water trying to get it right. What soon became clear just how many advantages the cats were giving, massive deck space and sett up as two boats with separate tanks, batteries and engines a very safe option as well. After sea trialing the short list we picked the Pro Sports Pro Kat this had the deepest free board and a very reassuring feeling of fishing in the boat not on top of it just what you want 30 miles offshore when it kicks up. The main advantage of our boat it can do it all just as happy offshore trolling the tuna grounds or chasing dorado and sailfish as it is in the skinny waters backcountry drawing only 15 in we can go very shallow for bonefish, permit and tarpon.

The fitting out I did myself and the boat is regularly updated when there is something new or improved on the market, last year we added side scanning sonar and now we can see fish up to 160 ft on either side of the boat with out going over the top of them. We have a stunning Raymarine radar which is the only safe way to travel in the dark it scares me just how many skips run hard at night with no radar just because they know the way. We are also sett up with pro outriggers, downrigger and a multi wind speed kite sett up as well, the outriggers are very good when shark fishing as they keep the baits nearly 35 ft apart. This year we also did a complete repower the orignal Yamahas had done 2900 hrs and while they were running very well for 2012 Yamaha had done some major changes to an already good engine making it even better. I am often asked would I change the boat and I can say honestly there is nothing on the market better than my boat to give  the complete Florida Keys fishing holiday experience.