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Why Fish the Dream part two the location

Firstly sorry about the slight delay from the last blog but some kind soul decided to hack my main email account.  So if you were one of thew many people who I have emailed in the last 10 years who this week have received a strange email sorry not from me honest. It has been nearly 15 years since my first trip to the Florida Keys and I can still remeber my first run down the Overseas Highway that link all the islands with 47 bridges on its 120 mile route between the southern tip of Florida and the island of Key West.  Despite seeing it on the tv, videos, mags and books the first time you do it, it is very special just awesome. Not only does it just scream fish but the powers in Florida have got it so right a long time ago they worked out you can eat a fish once but catch it many times. The regs change very quickly both ways and if something needs help it gets it and if the numbers are good you can take more just as it should be. The regs are inforced with vigour and are brain dead, 10 means 10 and 12in mean 12in no arguments just a fine and if you don’t know what it is why the hell did you kill it, and it works. So for many years I started to build up my fishing knowledge of the Florida Keys fishing from shore, bridges and charter boats. Then a small group of us would start to hire boats and stay longer, I can still remeber my first sailfish and tarpon from our own boat. We started to get a better deal on the island of Marathon and started to hire bigger boats and fish for longer so after 7 years of gaining experience we sett up Fish the Dream. We have a long-term lease on a two apartment waterside villa with massive dock fishing and a good boat lift allowing me to work on the boat and just two houses from the open water.

The Florida Keys do have it all and we have the boat to do it all in the last 8 years of doing fishing holidays we have had 109 species to the boat and the record now for one week is an amazing 63 species. With the Island environment there is always sheltered water and with the banks and mangroves we can always find fish. You also don’t need to go miles out for big fish nearly all are big tarpon are caught at the bridges as was a 500 lb + grouper caught this year.

With nearly a 80 % repeat booking and some guys on their 7 th trip we must be doing something right, most guys just like how flexible we are we start when you want and stop when you want and try to tick your boxes not mine.