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Why Fish the Dream part three the fish

Not sure how to start this, enough to say on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys you are spoilt for choice big time. The one fish that is iconic with the Florida Keys has to be the tarpon we have over the years been more than lucky with them. Last year we join a small club of very special boats with our first 200 lb fish at 80 in long and a massive girth of 44 in it came out at 209 lb a fish of a lifetime or what. This year we had not one but two 3 hr fights one 3 hr 40 mins and the next day 3 hr 20 mins these fish were not measured but looked as big as the 209 lb one.

Next fish on most people s wish list seems to be the permit and again at Fish the Dream we have had some fantastic fish. A few years ago we came very close to a record fish at near 50 lb this fish was very close, again a fish of a life time. Pound for pound these fish are hard to beat so much so the prime week for the permit spawn has now become my most popular week and last week the 2014 dates were booked !

Shark still tick a lot of boxes for people and you are  spoilt for choice in the keys and if you want to do big again we can do big. A few years ago Lee Jasper’s epic 2 hr plus fight with a fish well over 1000 lb will remain one of Fish the Dream’s magic days. I still remember Lee’s words after 2 hrs and still not getting a lot back ” No  fish has ever beaten me ” and he was right it did not and 25 mins later he had the fish boat side.

Also on the big side we have our goliath grouper and this year we had our biggest at over 500 lb just of the charts. I still have to thank Jim Whippy who came up with the Whippy walk a way to get the big ones out of the wrecks. This winter I hope to start a tagging program which will be fun and hope to get the fish back on the take list.

One fish that also ticks the boxes has to be the sailfish the way this fish fights runs and jumps just everything you want in a game fish. I think it is also the one that you have to see in the flesh I have never seen a photo or a video that comes close. The way this fish can light up its fins is very very special and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our mackerel are a very fun fish and when our sea temps drop in the autumn and winter the shallow waters of the bay are just alive with hard hitting and fine tasting fish. Just a few of the fish you will come across during a fishing holiday with Fish the Dream and at now 109 species I think you have to agree you are spoilt  for choice.

You know it makes sense please get in touch and I can show you just how affordable I can make it for you.