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Affordable fishing holidays in the Florida Keys have just become more affordable. I have just had a weeks holiday canceled, things happen often holidays are booked years in advance but I have taken some money and I am able to pass this on. The week is 20th Nov to 27th Nov this is our dry season and the start of winterfishing temps a very pleasant high 70 s  and low 80 s with very little rain or humidity. I am able to drop the price from the normal £110 per person per day to just £ 75 per person per day based on 4 people sharing pro rata if it is less than 4 .  Best if you have not been before to get in touch or 01668 216173 and I can go over the details. This is a one off and with a small price rise for holidays in 2013 ( our first in 3 years ) this is a very affordable deal.

So what will you catch if you are hard core and the weather gods smile on you over 50 species are possible. If you want big 100 lb fish are common or if you want flat out action this is mackerel season with shark in big numbers as well. There will still be dorado offshore and the numbers of sailfish and tuna are on the increase as will king mackerel and whahoo. So if our fishing holidays have been just out of reach then this is your chance I don’t know when this will happen again please get in touch.