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Shark time

After a long 10 hours drifting in the North Sea on a porbeagle shark quest blanking and a long chat to Russell Weston of Snowbee who last week also blanked on a blue shark trip I reflected how lucky we are in the Florida Keys. Guys on our fishing holidays have been more than lucky when it comes to shark with a boat PB size well over 1000 lbs with Lee Jasper’s hammerhead. The boat PB for numbers is now 63 in one day and in all fairness they could have had more a far cry from last trip back here. We are back in the Keys in less than a month with the hurricane season ending and the seas a bit cooler I just can’t wait. With the year ending the vast shoals of mackerel will appear and not far behind the shark will be there. The number one in my opinion of the 11 species we catch on a regular basis is the blacktip. Last year I know we had one well over the record but I was not going to kill a very pregnant fish and the angler agreed as well. These 100 lb fish are just fun, fun, fun on the right gear and I like 30 lb spinning gear jumping many times and running nearly all the line of the spool they just don’t know when to stop.


Some people often ask why I don’t use circle hooks for shark well the answer is quite simple they are a pain to get out. The hook was designed not to come out and I use them on grouper and the line needs to slack and you have to reverse out the hook. While this is fine on grouper not what you want to do on 200 lb + tiger shark just to many teeth. After nearly 15 years fishing in the Florida Keys I seem to know when to strike a shark and very few are deep hooked if they are the trace is cut and the hooks I used rust out very quickly. So roll on this years sharking after last week just want to get back ASP !!