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Hot day wrecking

Summer came very early this year to the Florida Keys this year and by late May temps were up into the 90 s this is in the shade and can give deck temps over 110. One question I am often asked how safe is it to have a quick swim my standard reply you have more chance of being hit by lightning than a shark attack. Nothing is completely safe but the last two shark attacks in Florida were a guy surf fishing with a chum block round his waist and a guy kite surfing over a group of a 100 plus shark as a dare. So one day this year whilst wrecking young Robin said I am going for a quick swim, it was slack water and he also wanted to try a new waterproof camera.

We had had some nice grouper to 300 lbs but the shot Robin got of the boat was the coolest pic of the day by far. Would I do it, not sure I think I am the hit list of to many fish and as skip if any thing went wrong not very clever. I was assured by Robin the cooling effect of the water was just fantastic and one more member of the crew was soon in as well.