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Cuda time

The one thing that excites a boat angler never mind where in the world you are fishing is being given a new mark. We are very lucky in the Florida Keys as a new mark always means fish and this year a friend gave me a new wreck deep in Florida bay. In fact he had one of the Keys biggest cobia on this mark at 72 lb a stunning cobia and meat for a few families at least. On one of our first trips we were having a ball when a fish was nailed at the boatside the culprit a massive barracuda. Now nearly all the wrecks in the ocean have stocks of large cuda but I have caught very few in the bay, yes you will see a few on the banks and flats but not big ones. So out went the live baits but it was Jersey angler Simon who found the killing method the good old cuda tube.

Why these lures work so well I just don’t know but they do, all the cuda here jump like marlin one even jumped into the boat god knows what it would do if it hit you but a near 30 lb fish in the face not pleasant. Guys on our fishing holidays are often surprised by these wrecks in Florida bay the water is very shallow most are in less than 12 ft and have fish in the hundreds of pounds. I think the reason is there is not much structure in the bay so anything at all starts a fish chain and the big ones just use them as a food stop. So why are there big cuda on this wreck not sure and they are there in numbers, every time we have been there  long may it continue.