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Back to the Keys

Next week we are back in the Florida Keys to start our autumn, winter session of fishing Holidays after doing this now for over 8 years I am still excited. For me the joy of fishing in the Florida Keys is ticking people’s boxes and now more than ever fishing with people who have come many times and I can call true friends. This session it will be great to see John Aplin again and on John’s week with Lee and an other John it is an exploring week I still have many marks I have never fished so keep watching this blog. Like all guys I hate packing but it has to be done and this time I found an old SD camera card and a few pics.



The battle with amberjack can be a brutal one and you can see the look in my friend Martin’s face that says it all, not my best pic sorry Henry. The Sting ray is a very underrated sport fish the runs can be amazing and very fast, then they have the ability to bed down and all you can do is wait. A few new mods this year on the boat putting more rod holders in at the front a rod in a rod holder is a safe rod, it always brings a smile to my face when an unattended rod goes over the side if only it had been in a holder. Reducing the length back of the gunnel rails the boat has very deep free board and the midship rails have killed to many spinning reels. On a personal note cant wait to try my new reel with a fish that pulls back, still seems fantastic but love the sound of a screaming drag.