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Tuna time

Back in my beloved Florida Keys, I still find it funny just how many times at an airport people save ” have a nice flight ” have they not done a long haul ! In all fairness I did have a nice flight many years ago, yes I turned left and went into that area of a plane we all dream about, after flying to Florida for so many years I had enough miles and there were seats available. What a different world I would not spend that sort of money but just amazing, it all went to quickly and for the only time in my life I felt sad when the pilot said we will be landing shortly. Back to the Florida Keys a few things to do on the boat and a few mods as well I have left my self a week before the first guys on a fishing holiday so plenty of time the only sad thing the blackfin tuna are very close in. We have been very lucky with tuna and so far have had 6 different species only yellow and blue fin to go think we may have had yellow fin on but spooled both times.

Tuna fishing has changed a lot in all the years I have been fishing in the Florida Keys it all used to be surface trolling fun when its on but very boring when its slow. The famous humps still some where very special to see the sunrise, then the birds, then the tuna more than once we have failed to get all the lines out just mad. The biggest change to tuna fishing has been jigging in fact some boats now don’t troll at all and with the introduction of colour depth line it is a very efficient way to catch fish. It was also very cool to see Steve last year have a tuna on a surface popper as good as it get. The highlight of tuna fishing has to be the taste,  tuna seared on the barbie less than one hour old very, very hard to beat. It is also the only fish you don’t care if the filleting is not perfect all the more to have as sushi, god I feel hungry.