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Garden pests

Back in the UK during our summer stay I spend a lot of time fighting the normal suspects in the garden, rabbits, pigeons and the horrible cabbage white butterfly over here a very different ball game. The number one pain in the yard ( garden ) is the green iguana, this up to four feet long lizard has become a real problem. They are not native but have done very well and have no predators and just the right climate to flourish. Being herbivores they just love flowers and will just trash your plants and being big critters they eat and poo a lot. A few years ago we had a persistent and very deep cold front that stayed for ten days some islands even had a frost the numbers of iguanas dropped dramatically with many deaths but since then they have come back big style. This very green one was in our yard yesterday something about those eyes what nightmares are made of.

Back to the fishing in the Florida Keys, boat back today with all new control cables  and our first fishing holiday starts friday can’t wait. New toys a plenty and new marks when will I ever grow up, not for a very long time I hope, still very hot but fishing reports are very good. We are having an early run of sailfish very close in and they are very near the top of my all time fun fish so fingers crossed.