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Not a bad first day

How many times have we heard the saying you should have been here last week well even in the Florida Keys we sometimes have to say it. Sods law or what ever you call it but last week with the boat out of the water to do new rigging flat clam seas a fish everywhere first party on a fishing holiday arrive and weather goes tits up. As they also say when it gets tough the tough get going we are so lucky in the Florida Keys we can always go fishing not where we would like to be but we are still fishing and catching. So the first day started off with a strong 20 + NE wind so after all the option were discussed we went out to the banks in Florida bay. As these banks come up to just inches deep they knock the waves right down and are very good fishing, first bank birds diving and fish busting. After a short time we found out what was causing the commotion good old jacks and seeing one take a top water popper very cool not big but a start.

Well we move off to an other bank and started the day for earnest and had a  red grouper, we often start fishing with no chum as this brings in to many small bait fish and sharks which can be a pain. With the wind picking up we had a little trouble getting the pick to stick but at last it found hold and after some time we decided to chum and see if we could pull some mackerel and sporty shark. Well the plan worked in fact to well we were soon surrounded but very small and very hungry small shark fun but way to many. Then some one saw a mackerel so a change of tactics and soon we had a few on the boat top bait we ended up with 20 species for the first day and one very fat cero mackerel which was sushi back on the dock.