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Cracking day part one

The guys we have this week are not into big and battling with goliath grouper and massive sharks does not do it for them much more light tackle and lures. This is just fine and I think why our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys work so well, just tell me what you want to catch and how you like to fish and I will try my hardest to make it all work. The weather gods at last gave up near flat calm seas and deep into the Gulf we went to the barracuda wreck for some lure fun. I know that a lot of people who follow this blog fish lures so sorry I am going to make you all very jealous of what happened yesterday. The cuda were there in numbers but just following and a few strikes but no takes but what was also there in numbers was jacks and big ones as well.  The takes on Toms poppers were more like explosions and it is very hard to describe just how hard a 10 lb + jack fights more like a battle than a fight all I know is that Tom and Cav were smiling big time. Fish of the day and I know that Tom did not want any was a shark, the take on the popper was a ” did you see that ” he just nailed it. After a long fight Tom did a very good job we had to get this fish to the boat it was Toms last popper so in it came a net and glove job but we got the popper back.

Part two of the Cracking day blog will have to wait Cav caught not one but two of the most beautiful fish I have every seen in the Florida Keys and what they are I am not sure but will show the pics to day and blog very soon.