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Cav’s day

This blog is part two to the amazing day blog but is more about Tom’s wife Cav. I am not sure what it is about female anglers and our fishing holidays, maybe it is the pheromone effect or they all have the legacy of Miss Ballentines record 64 lb salmon but they all seem to catch very well from my boat. Cav is no exception and it is just nice to watch the female touch maybe they tend to fish more than fight if you understand. One thing they all do and take note guys they tend to do what their guide says. The other day Cav was the first to bring a big jack to the boat and then she caught a very strange fish indeed.

Now I have been fishing in the Florida Keys for nearly 20 years and this fish stumped me so pics taken and photos developed of to see people who should now. It was very similar to an african pompano but we have only caught them in deep water and they have never had fin streamers like this one. After a long night on the internet I had a clue a picture of a very young african showed fin streamers and after talking to local guides it was confirmed it was an african pompamo. Why it was so far from home in just 12 ft of water and nearly 30 miles from its normal depth and why they still had fin streamers no one could tell me. Cav was only using a 1/4  oz  jig and 20 lb braid and the runs were amazing she just had the right touch well done. It has been a privilege to fish with Tom and Cav this week and I hope they come back I certainly have some good memories that will last a long time.