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A Homer moment !

Some days even in paradise the weather sucks, see my good friend Henry Gilbey is also not having the best of the weather in Ireland as well. Just think if you and a friend are planning a holiday of a lifetime in Florida and the girls are letting you take your sons on a days fishing as a treat in the Florida Keys you watch the blog for a year then a hurricane comes along. We are not getting the worst of hurricane Sandy but it has screwed are fishing big time strong north winds all week and the sea temps dropped 12 degrees. So when poor John gave me a call about his booked day I had to say it was not going to be a normal day we would get out and we would catch fish but it would only be a fraction of what we normally do. We started off in the mangroves very calm waters but very cold waters lots of small fish but shark was on Johns wish list so of to the rougher waters to see what we could find. Fist stop to rough and at Fish the dream I always put the guests first so closer in and a lot nicer seas and fish a plenty. So nice to see young guys doing well just like me when I was that age and young Joe made me smile when he said let me show you Dad you do just like this. We had brought some fine keeper lane snapper to the boat when I had my Homer moment went to get the blog cam then doh ! cleaned the camera and had left it in the house sorry guys the first time in 8 years. Found a nice pic of a big lane snapper caught by Tim Keating this year sorry guys it will not happen again an age thing me thinks.

Well we did get John his shark not a big one in fact we had three species of shark in total of a mixed bag of 20 species of fish. Fish of the day it was so hectic I can’t remeber who caught was a stunning cero mackerel one for the pot. Moral of the story old men have crap memories and no matter what the weather you will catch fish in the Florida Keys yes I am one very lucky guy.