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The other John’s day

The first part of this fishing holiday has been about showing John Grindle all about fishing in the Florida Keys and all fairness the other two guys have been letting him have first go on runs ect but yesterday the tables turned. We went offshore to try some new marks and Lee had some new reels and rods he wanted to try with jigs so we started of on a known amberjack wreck. We put Mr Grindle on a bait and John and Lee worked the jigs conditions were not very good but soon both rods were bent into fish not AJ’s but hard fighting tuna. This is not the best time of the year for AJ’s but all of a sudden John Aplin was into a serious fish and it was a long hard fight but John won and we saw the fish coming up in the clear water not an AJ but a crevalle just as hard fighting and a nice double. We went to an other spot and again it was Mr Aplin who was into a good fish try as he might Lee could not get a take and just had to watch John boat a fine 20 + lb barracuda.

Well after some time we decided to put the pick down and try for grouper and shark then the fishing gods smacked us good and hard. We.had some serious rod bending fish on and even I got a king right back to boat only to lose it on the dive ladder but could we get one back no chance.  Some days it is called fishing not catching and on days like this I call it lost big fish dot com, it sucks we even had a big shark bite through the trace the trouble all these were very big fish but if we had only landed half what we lost !