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The comeback king

The other day Lee for once had a quite day and yesterday was determined to make up for it so we planned a day offshore wrecking on new marks and no prisoners. First mark had a full dive boat on it and I am sure Lee could have landed one but not a good blog pic. The wind was dying so we decided to have a few hours trolling and Mr Grindle had a fine king mackerel on a new rig more to come on that. Then I thought about  the sight of the sharks on the tuna grounds last week and suggested we ran to the grounds for some fun if the shark were not there then the tuna would be. When we got there no boats which in the Florida Keys means no tuna and probably to many shark just up Lee’s alley. Sure enough within minutes a shark was following the boat and Lee who holds the boat shark PB with a fish over 1000 lbs was on his heavy shark rod and with in seconds it was fish on ! The only problem with shark in deep water and the tuna grounds it goes from 500 ft to well over 1000 ft is that  big fish go straight down and this one had game plan. Lee was on very heavy gear 130 lb line but many of the runs were just unstoppable , the first hour came and went but at last the fish was getting weaker and coming up. At one hour 15 mins we had the fish at the boatside and what a fish this was over 10 ft and a good 500 lb + I did my 125 lift and not much more than the head came out have a look at the size of just the tail in Lee’s hand.

Next on the shark rod it was John Aplin who had an other first for our fishing holidays a silky shark and what a fish much stronger runs than Lee’s bull shark John had this back in about half an hour about 300 lbs, just amazing to see these shark take hand lined baits at the boat in gin clear water. No chance of tuna and we had one more big bull near 500 again and an other silky then I had two very tired anglers who were all sharked out well done boys !!!