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The last supper

There is something about all fishing holidays and it seems, more so here in the Florida Keys the last day comes to damn quick. On the boys last day they were all very bruised and sore from that mad shark day and it was blowing strong from the north so a gentle day on the ocean flats was the order of the day. We even added a few more species to a very impressive tally which ended at 41 the strange fish of the day a 4 ft moray eel camara shy but I don’t think any one was going to hold it any way. Mr Grindle was having a ball on the fly nothing big but all pulling ten times harder than trout back home and he manage a yummy cero mackerel that ended up as lunch on board.

Well what a week and new species number 110 a silky shark the sight of the boys hand feeding them then a massive bull shark crashing in and nailing the bait just to give John Aplin as much pain as Lee will live with me for ever. More than one local guide has seen the pics of Lee’s shark and said that was a record we will never know and I know Lee would never have killed such a fish in fact a reasearch boat had a bull near 1000 lbs last year about 25 miles away so there are bigger fish down there. One last word boys hope you as much fun as I did and hope to see you all very soon ( Lee has booked already for 2013 )  cheers Rodney !!!! PS the pic of the bull is John Aplins fish, massive as well.