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New trolling head

I am doing some work with Snowbee on a new trolling head from a company called Predapro sure is a neat bit of kit. The Mk 1 version we used last year had a few problems but the guys at Predapro sorted them out and the Mk 2 is a winner. basically it allows you to troll any dead bait with a very fishy action and it takes about 5 seconds to put the bait on, we have been using a two hook rig but a single hook would work fine as well. In fact we had a fish on in about 10 mins on the first drop.

I know there is little or no trolling in the UK but I have often asked my self why not. Years ago myself and a friend had large amount of pollock trolling Redgills and it is a great way to cover ground and by looking at the sounder finding new spots as well. The small Predapro would be fine with Lance and the bigger one would kill with small mackerel. I know the UK anglers dislike for trolling but give it a go you might be surprised and find some new marks as well. One thing soon came to light when we were trolling for pollock they stayed in very small locations and were not all over the ground. Try for a sett time one or two hours and we had some of our best fish in just 15 ft of water in the kelp  and always work both ways up and down tide. Not sure when Predapro will be for sale but give Snowbee a call and they will keep you in touch.