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What a day

There are some days here in the Florida Keys it all just clicks and when it happens with friends it is a magical day and yesterday was very special indeed. Alan and Tim Keating have been coming for years and this is their second trip this year and a long time ago made the leap from customers to very good friends. Not the best weather conditions but we went back out into the bay first to get bait then maybe onto a cobia wreck if conditions allowed. The last cold front has filled the bay with mackerel a fish a chuck a lure anglers heaven and some days it is hard to stop getting bait sorry about the bad pic to much concentration on the fish. Well as luck would have it the seas dropped and on to the cobia wreck we went on arrival the seas boiling with bait being killed by jacks again a fish a chuck then from nowhere a cobia was trying to eat the jack someone had just caught only in the Florida Keys. So Alan started his mission and it does not get any better than sight casting for cobia and he soon had on near 30 lb in the boat. Then a mission to catch a big grouper and both Alan and Tim both had grouper over 100 lb stunning then whilst Alan was on the grouper rod a very different fight. A big bull shark over 250 lbs took the bait and just caught in the corner of the mouth with no wire we had that to the boat as well.

Then Tim started out on a long fight on the live bait rod nearly running out of line we had to throw the anchor and follow the fish taking it off on trap marker and round many others. Tim won in the end but on light gear these big blacktip shark are very hard to keep on at the boat but we all saw it well over the magic 100 as well. Tim also rounded the day off with very special african pompano with very long steamers what a photo. Well fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys dont get much better than that and when you do it with friends very special as well yes we lost a lot of very big fish but we got lots of fish over 100 lb back to the boat as well !!