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Alan and Tim still smashing fish

Well in far from perfect weather conditions the Keating boys are still doing the business. Tim had a big cobia the other day to go with Alans and then had a sweet tasting gag grouper to fill the fish box as well. In all fairness I have never seen a cobia season like this just amazing and the best part of cobia fishing most are taken by sight fishing and to see these fish free swimming just awesome. Not all going to plan we had a day offshore yesterday and try as we might not a take it is a very fine line trolling one sail fish can make a day. The plan was to end the day night fishing for big king mackerel on the reef then the weather got very nasty so back early. Not before Alan jumped on the live bait rod and had a very nice and lucky yellow jack, why lucky well I had enough fish to eat so despite being a very good fish to eat it went back.

Last pic a cute moment at back of boat in all my years in the Florida Keys I have never seen a new born manatee this one and its mum came up as I was filleting on the dock. Such a shame to see the prop cut marks on mum just wish people would slow down in the canals but they don’t.