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Last trip 2012

Later on today I am driving up to Fort Lauderdale to pick up Martin and Brian who make our last trip of 2012 and what a year I think in will take three blogs to review 2012 it has been such a year. Martin is my oldest friend and next year we will have been fishing together for 50 years. Who would ever have guessed that two young boys catching sticklebacks in a pond in surrey would end up offshore on a sportfishing boat in the Florida Keys. There have been so many fishing trips and holidays in the past just to many to mention but Martin at a very young age came very close to braking the wrasse record on one of our trips to Alderney. Well this trip of Martin and Brian is a very low key trip I still have numbers I have never fished so if all goes well we will be trying out some offshore wrecks in 200 ft big AJs , grouper and mutton snapper I hope.

Release Reels are sending me the all finished reel and I think Snowbee are very close to taking them on for Europe I think the new reel will be awesome they have done a few mods to an already very good reel. As a small company making reels here in the US and not having a massive range they are offering a lifetime warranty that are that sure of the reel. The handle which in my opinion is one of the main selling points just looks wrong but when you grip it it is just so right. Keep a look on Snowbees website and I am sure the reel will be on sale soon. Trying some new rod holders this week they go at 90 degrees to the roof and work very well for mini outriggers and would work in the UK for bass or pollock trolling  at very little expense giving a good separation between baits.