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Sharking fun

The only problem with doing a regular blog about our fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys is that I have to feel for some of our customers. They book many months in advance and keep in touch by phone and email and then when they get here exceptions are of course very high and after doing this for nearly ten years I know I can deliver. The one and only thing I can not do is the weather and when, as it is this week it is your oldest friend and fishing buddy of nearly 50 years it sucks big time when it is bad. This week it has been blowing near 20 mph every day yes we are catching fish every day and many over 100 lb but we are not going where we want. Yes we are more than lucky and here in the Florida Keys we can go out in the boat every day but we had so much planed for this week and it looks like it will not happen. At yesterdays planning meeting, Helen’s Florida fry with an other day of 20 + mph winds we decided to go deep into the bay to a sheltered channel and do some sharking.

Stopping after some 10 miles to get fresh bait we were having a ball mackerel, trout,bluefish and lady fish the shark would be spoilt for choice. On to are mark and yes it was blowing but as this channel is near some flats still very fishable so in with the chum and over with our standard shark rods. First few shark were not the 100lb + lemons we had hoped for but hard fighting blacktip around 60 lb and were some what out gunned on our big shark rods so a change of plans. I was once told by a guide in the Florida Keys the correct rod and reel is one that you lose half the line on the first run so it was on to the 20 lb rods and light gear we went. What a blast, this was as much fun as you can have with a rod long fast runs madness at the boat and smiles all round. Then it happened as I thought it might Brian hooked a big lemon on a very light rod oh dear but the shark did not have it all his own way and after some very skilled angling Brian had him to the boat. One of those days when plan B worked very well only as they say in the Florida Keys.