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Windy week

In all fairness the odd windy week does tend to put fishing in the Florida Keys into perspective. No we did not get into the Atlantic on a single day, none of our new numbers in 200 ft of water but we were boat fishing and catching every day and had a shed load of fish. I think it was Brian who said if this had been his first trip to the Florida Keys he would have been blown away, fish over 100 lb every day and on a lure a fish a cast. In fact even in the bad conditions some places to many fish our winter bluefish can be a bit of a pain making big baits very small very quickly. Bluefish look just like bass but have very serious teeth and a very bad attitude all baits must be eaten and size is not a problem just one bite at a time.

The other day we did have a few hours of less than 20 mph winds and got to the cobia wreck this years new top find. Martin had a 26 lb fish not only gave hin a serious work out but all of us a very fine meal. Sight fishing to groups of fish to 50 lbs certainly is fun some people say they are easy but in my mind this is not the case and the very big ones can be hook shy. They do go very big and the one thing everyone says what the hell the fight must have been on the record fish this now stands at 130 lbs god knows.