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Next generation ?

We all know by now that the Florida Keys bring on the pheromones and wives, partners and girlfriends seem to very well on my boat but now we can say daughters do the same. On his last trip my mate Martin brought along his daughter Jenny who was on her way to south america to join a dive centre. Well between dives Jen came out with us for two trips and did very well indeed on more than one occasion had to have a rest from catching so many fish saying ” wow this is fun ” just full on. The Florida Keys are so much more than tarpon and the autumn is becoming my favorite time much better weather and just so many fish the other day the only way we could have lunch was to take all rods out of the sea.

On a more serious point the powers have decided to have an other 4 month ban on keeping all grouper. This has come about to help the gag grouper the only problem it looks very like the black grouper, so there is no problems ban them all. Yes it is working and a no brainer for the enforcers if you keep a grouper you will be done and it will hurt your pocket. Back to the UK for Christmas so please if you have any questions about our fishing holidays please call 01668 216173 or email and I will call you.