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Last day

The one thing all anglers say when on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys say is ” Why does the last day come so quickly ” well I am sorry but it does seem to be so. Most guys just book an other holiday or even come back the same year one thing is sure the Florida keys gets under your skin. This last week with Martin and Brian has been a reality check for me, I am one very lucky guy and have to tell my self this very often and take notice. We have had to fight very strong winds all week and did not manage one day offshore but loads of fish many over 100 lbs and scrap after scrap. The last day started with winds down a bit so lets go to a wreck in the bay but once there not a nice sea and a very soft tide so off to an other wreck.

A much better tide and soon Brian was into a near 200 lb grouper a plan was coming together but again the tide was going so up again with the pick and a final sharking session. Some fine blacktip over 80 lb but it was Martin who put the seal on the week with an awesome lemon near 200 lb. The seas were getting very nasty and no straight run home hiding behind banks but the cat is fine in rough seas so back home no problem. So a tough week and not to even one of my new marks but friends fishing and catching in the Florida Keys where else can you catch fish of the numbers and size but in the Florida Keys.