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2012 Review part one

Well what a year at Fish the dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys when you think it can’t get any better it does and then some. More species ( now 110 ) more boat PBs, more personal PBS, longest fight ( now 3hrs 40 mins ) and more top new marks just amazing. I am one very lucky guy I love running fishing holidays but I still like to fish and when the guys at the SKA fishing team Bandit invited me to fish at the Key West round just my perfect start to the year. Just to many Wow and OMG moments, first trip in a 900 hp boat, first time at nearly 70 mph and my first mackerel over 40 lb.

February saw a boat PB for blacktip shark and a possible Florida record this fish was well over 200 lb and took two of us to get it in. I have always wondered what I would do if this happened but the angler did not want to kill such a fish and neither did I so she went back.

Tarpon season was a mad as always these big bad boys just get under your skin and tarponitis is never cured you just must take the medicine every year. What did happen this year was just amazing two very ,very large fish on two days one after the other. Last year we had our first 200 lb fish at 80 in x 44 in it came out at 209 lb and these two fish were as big if not bigger. The first one took 3 hrs 40 mins to get boat side and the next day same place the fish took 3 hrs 20 mins we were all shaking out heads. Recently some one has said was it the same fish I personally don’t think so just a very big year class.

The permit spawn also just as mad and for the first year for a long time the shark were not as bad. Strange the shark numbers in other areas are well up but they just left us alone this year on the permit wrecks. It is interesting that some guys who have ticked the 100 lb tarpon box now prefer the permit even saying it is a harder fight and they like the lighter gear.

During 2012 we were given numbers for a new wreck in the bay and what a wreck it has every thing and the big surprise very large barracuda. It is the only wreck I have for big barracuda in the bay and in the shallow 14 ft water they jump very high one did nearly 20 ft and one even jumped into the boat.

One of our top fish is the goliath grouper and 2012 saw a new boat PB at over 500 lb and a lot of guides have put this fish at 600 lb. Just how we got it out of the bridge I will never know but we did, for 2013 I am trying to get some accurate length and girth figures for goliath should be interesting.

So what will 2013 bring, the joy of the Florida Keys you just never know !