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2012 review part two

One very main thing that happened in 2012 was by beloved cat was treated to new engines. After 8 years and nearly 3000 running hours and still going very strong I decided to repower. For 2012 Yamaha had done some very major work on the 115 hp and were at the Miami boat show offering some very good deals including a full 5 year warranty so deal done and boy are they good.

After the summer hurricane break our new wreck was on fire and one lady guest just showed us boys how it should be done a stunning african pompano still with all its streamers on. On the boats lightest rod and just a very small jig just amazing using a very light  touch she had the fish beat and to the boat job done , take note.

The same wreck also produced a Florida Bay permit miles and miles from any flats just a very fishy place this mark is becoming my number one spot going north and has always produced and then some.

In the autumn the same place became cobia central I do know this year it produced for a friend a 72 lb fish now that must have been some fight. The one thing about cobia fishing it is often done sight fishing to surface fish and it does not come more exciting than that.


After losing a lot of tuna to shark we loaded the boat with the big guns and went on one trip loaded for bear. This trip no tuna but bull shark over 500 lb and for us a new shark the silky. One guy aboard said these are like 250 lb tope on drugs, long fast runs and on the tuna grounds they have 1000 ft of water to play in.



So go make 2013 the year when you stop dreaming and come on over to the Florida Keys and Fish the Dream !!!!