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2013 A Happy New Year ???

Firstly a very Happy New Year to all our past, present and future customers here at Fish the Dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys on a personal not the best start to a new year at all. Started on new years eve as normal got up early fire started coffee made then start up the computer but it would not work. Try as I might it would not load anything something was very wrong, none of they self help stuff worked at all. When the rest of the house was up it was on to the help lines, dont you just love it when someone thousands of miles away says the bleeding obvious ( there is something very wrong in your start up files ) fine. Well to cut a very long and sad story short a massive virus had got into the start up systems and the only way to deal with it was to go back to default and wipe the computer clean. I know I am old school but I was paying top dollar for computer protection and file back up but my system were infected and I have lost a huge amount of files. Let this be a warning put your systems and files on hard back up it might happen to you and the last few days have been hell. If you think about jing and jang then what happened next was the pay back, we flew back on the 1st Jan and the plane was packed and my poor wife’s screen was not working and we were on the long 9 hr 50 min flight. After many reboots still nothing then the chief purser said get your bags and come with me and we went into Club Class top marks BA. Wow what a difference flat beds, food you can eat and so many toys, would I pay £3400 one way never but I will remember turning left for a long time. Back in the Keys I have a week working on more mods to the boat then Helen and I go a short break before the start to a very full 2013. I came across this pic last night and it shows what I like doing the most putting smiles on peoples faces.

It was in 2005 and I had taken John and Scott out to the tuna grounds and after some fun with the tuna they asked can we put a bait on the bottom and try for an amberjack, Well its a long way down 500 ft at its shallow part the in drops to 1000 ft very quickly but as the bait touched the bottom the rod buckled over and it was fish on. This fish was not for coming up and every foot was a battle but in the end it was a joint effort and we had the fish in the boat, happy memories.