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Busman’s holiday

Well back in the Florida Keys after a mad start to 2013 computer still not fully sorted but getting there, Helen and I are going on a weeks break before the start to our fishing holidays which this year, our 9 th are bar just one week full till the end of the year. People often ask what I like to fish for and yes I am spoilt rotten in the Florida Keys with over 110 species to the boat and fish over 1000lb it is hard to say. Strange as it may be the one and only thing I miss in the Keys is good old surf fishing next week we are going to the Exumas in the Bahamas just over 1 hr from Florida. Two years ago I found a stunning surf beach with a pounding surf and started getting hard knocks on my trusty 12 ft surf rod it took some time and I had to go down to number 1 hooks then I started to catch. To my surprise after a very hard scrap I had the fish on the sand a glistening 2 lb bone fish wow ! Miles from any flats and in churning surf bones were feeding and feeding hard game on. On the same beach I have had snapper to 12 lb and even a blacktip shark of about 50 lb now that was fun and the amazing thing no people I think in the three years I have fished there I have never seen an other angler just a couple of walkers.


Back in the Keys the water is very warm and we are all hoping for an early start to the tarpon season two years ago Chris from Jersey had our first 100 lb fish of the season and that was on March 19 th. With the water so warm I think I will start looking Feb this year as they say you dont know till you go so we will go. Internet is very hard in the Exumas but I will try so if any one wants to get it touch please try but I will be back on 17 th Jan in the Keys.