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Relaxed and ready

Sorry about the long delay between blogs the internet was very patchy on the island and I decided to have a week offline and totally chill. The only problem was coming back to over 200 emails and nearly 100 spam and after the bad virus a still very strange laptop fun not. The break was very good a lot of people think I have the dream job but just think about it, I have to look after the house, the car, the boat, all the tackle and every day have to work out where to go and what to do. Yes I love running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and at the moment there is nothing else I would rather do but stress levels do get very high. So a week off and just standing in the sand and warm water with a surf rod catching bonefish just what the doctor ordered. I have now been to the Exumas in the Bahamas three times now and just love the place for us it is just a one hour flight and a good way to use air miles so apart from a bag fee a free flight. This year we found a beach cottage where every room opened on to the beach just stunning and as it says in the tourist book the best thing to do in the Exumas is nothing fine for Helen but for me it has to be the bonefish.

Nothing big best was about 4 lb that was taken in a small creek but the power is very hard to explain I personally think pound for pound there is nothing to match bones even permit or tuna if they went to over 100 lb now that would be something else. Before you all go mad and book a holiday in the Exumas it does have its down side, car hire is bad $800 a week, gas $6 , food very poor and expensive we now take a bag with just frozen meats its that bad. We still go back and if you like to do nothing or just surf fish get in touch and I will let you know my hot spots. Best morning on the beach out side the cottage 9 bones and 2 snapper all before breakfast and on an other beach I was spooled by a shark should have loaded up with 30 lb.