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Permit the pleasure and the pain

It was strange to wake up yesterday morning and read all the emails and tweets have you seen your picture on WSF website well at 5 am the answer was no not yet. My photo was up on Henry Gilbey’s feature on grip and grin photography, Henry has been over to our base here in the Florida Keys now a few time and it is hard to find a guy who is more full on than Henry just a fishing junkie. He works the camera just as hard as his fishing rods maybe harder and the results are always top draw. Take heed of his features on photography it is the one thing you want from a great day fishing is a good photo, what I have learnt from Henry just take a loads then edit the best ones and concentrate on the fish’s eye. The picture of me was holding one of our fine wreck permit each year hundreds of them spawn on the deep wrecks off Marathon but it is not all plain sailing at all.

Along with the permit come hundreds of shark why chase your food when the angler will do the job for you. Nearly all our takes are near the surface and on light spinning rods the fish go straight down and that’s when it gets scary. Last year it was not that bad and we had some fun days it fact it seems once my guys on fishing holidays have had their 100 lb tarpon they just love the big permit. In over 100 ft of water the just keep going down and at such a speed I have even had to put water over reels to cool down the drag now that’s fishing. The shark can be a real pain and if they are there in numbers you just have to leave, the permit come from far and wide and it is just not right to kill so many fish which might live on small flats. The permit in the second picture was hit by two shark the top bite from a big shark and the bottom bite judging from the size a very,very big shark such a shame when all we wanted was that special grip and grin photo.