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Spiral guides

Many years ago I was very interested in a rod used by Bushy on the Rex Hunt fishing show then while buying some guides for a rod I found a company here in the US was making rods with spiral guides calling them Acid Rods. The only problem with all the guides on top of the rod when using a multiplier is that all the forces are trying to turn the rod upside down and this often results in a rocking action so I have made one. By having the last few rings facing down all this has gone and you have a very stable rod. I have even read a blog by a guy why had bad arthritis and could not fish a multiplier but now can using one of these rods time will tell the rod is going for its sea trails today.

Went down to Key West to see Snowbee’s team in the big SKA comp did not go out this year our boys were going some 80 miles in very rough seas and I have guests all this week as the skip said no boat lands well and in 5 ft seas they still do 60 + mph. At the finals this year boats came from 11 states some guys hauling thousand + miles and this is a 30 ft + boat with three or more very large engines just amazing. So starts 2013  my first guys are here in the Florida Keys and good to go, up at 5 am to be greeted by a not to good forecast up to 20 mph winds from the east just have to put the thinking hat on.