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Nice start

Despite mother nature giving us a few somewhat not ideal days we have had a good start to this fishing holiday here in the Florida Keys. This is Geoff, Simon and Robins second trip in 12 months last here in April with not one but two three hour fights both with monster tarpon. This time not so many 4 am starts and a bit cooler but on that front south Florida is having a record warm start to 2013 and broke the number of days over 80 for the winter. So to the fishing, well this time of year getting bait is so much fun mackerel and bluefish not as many as in a normal winter but constant rod bending fun and as all are avid fly fisherman many on the fly what a cool way to get bait.

The other day the plan was to get bait, go for goliath grouper then when it turn wind against tide go to a deep shark channel and target lemons on fly. Well it nearly came off we had goliath up to 50 lb then it turn nasty and into the deep channel but the weed was far to bad, looking at the charts we were only 10 miles from the Everglades where it is always calm and the tides were ok  so off we went. Very rough seas to get there but the cat just pushes through and once in the Everglades are just magical, to see a very pink flamingo flying in a very blue sky just so cool. We fish the incoming tide not the best and the water was very dirty after the bad weather but soon found the fish.

Not the snook or redfish we had hoped for but very hard fighting drum and sheepshead and they knew how to use the strong tide very well. So not a complete plan A day but fish all day long and bent rods and plenty of smiles just what a day’s fishing should be oh and warm and dry as well.