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Shark on fly

As I said before all the guys on this fishing holiday are avid fly fishermen, fly fishing is not my thing but to see the fun these guys are having I might think again. The weather gods are still not being kind but the joy of the Florida Keys there is always somewhere to put the boat and fish. The other day we had to go north 15 miles to find shelter and soon had fish in the chum slick and the species count keeps rising now over 30 with rabbitfish, pompano,and a lizard fish. Then Geoff who has been the fly fish king said oh dear this feel big, well it was and so started a long hard  fight it is so much harder on a fly rod and he was using a 12 wt. After what seemed like an age we had the fish to the boat a nurse shark about 125 lb not the hardest fighting shark in the world but this one was camera-shy and beat up Geoff good and proper then the fun started. I should know better after one long hernia op I said the daft words would you like it in for a pic then the fun started but after some hilarity we had it in and you can still see Geoff’s fly in the mouth.

High five’s all round Fish the Dream’s first shark over 100 lb on the fly well done Geoff and all the wrestling team who helped get the fish in. Then off to an other mark and soon what I had wanted all week for the fly guys very hard fighting black tip shark and just the right size about 20 lb now these fish know how to put a bend in a fly rod. Many a long hard fight and a very interesting photo of just how a shark can dislocate its jaw to get a forwards bite of a fish. When you see a shark bite it is so fast but this is how they feed with an under the body jaw and those teeth, beware even shark of this size can give you a very nasty bite. Well Geoff is all ready now for the big offshore silky shark me thinks a  new ball game fingers crossed we will see.