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Fun on fly

Well the boys are certainly having fun on the fly rods and will have the scars to show for a few weeks. What has surprised me this week some fish out here in the Florida Keys even seem to prefer the fly. On a wreck the other day Simon was having a Lookdown a cast not a massive sport fish but the brightest fish in the sea and a very strange shape and by being so reflective hard for predators to see. The fun fish this week on the fly has been our blacknose shark long hard runs and at near 30 lb just the right size. Geoff even had a grouper of 28 lb on the fly now this certainly did pull back on very bent rod for a very long time.

The fly that has done the damage this week has been tied by Geoff himself and we have all called it the chicken and you can see why. What always comes as a bit of a surprise it the sharks blind spot they cannot see directly in front and the no see zone is about 45 degrees. Often when they are hunting you will see them go from side to side, first they follow any sent trail then turn the head to go in for the kill.

On a sad note for me and all other fish eaters we have started our 4 month grouper ban those creamy white flakes have to wait till May before we can enjoy again. Guess what Robin had the other day a stunning and very lucky red grouper back it went come May it will be a different story straight into an ice box. It sucks at the time but this is why the Florida Keys are one of the very special fisheries in the world, look after your fish before it is a problem and I have no trouble with putting fish back, I still eat more fish than meat and make no apologies for that. The species count continues to rise and all the 43 so far bar one have come from the bay and yes it seems the weather gods are going to let us play on the ocean to day at last !!