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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It was good to see the Keating brothers at last this year. Their first trip this year was cancelled due to the ash cloud. Mixed feelings about this, but I suppose unlike a boat or car you can’t just pull over.  Back to the Keatings’ trip, like I have said before the first few trips to the Keys tend to just blow people away, then comes the wish list. On one day Alan said, “I have always wanted to catch a big Dorado”, so game on.

I love it. Well, first day we found a textbook mark 600ft colour change and a few birds, and we even had live ballyhoo baits, but no Dorado. Next day still on a small weed line in 250ft but this weed line had a bit of bait, so slow speed trolling with just hand held rods. Then, as is often the case with trolling, BANG – fish on and a big Dorado for Alan.

Hence the blog title The Good, Alan’s Dorado. The bad a Scorpion Fish, spines with venom. The Ugly everyone fish to hate – a Catfish.

So, Alan, what’s the next challenge?

Stay lucky,