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All good things

As the saying goes all good things have to come to an end, just sucks when it is a fishing holiday and even more when it is in the Florida Keys, but alas it happens. What a trip Geoff, Robin and Simon have had this time nearly breaking the base record catching 53 species of fish but this trip will be remembered for fun on the fly rods not the norm for me. The sound of Geoff’s knuckles having yet an other smacking will last for a long time or him shouting ” I am running out of backing and this fish is not stopping ” just classic.

Last day was going to be a run to the tuna grounds but maybe the weather gods were on my side and said not this trip you boys will just have to come back again. So we turn round and did sunrise on a wreck in the bay as the sun came up we were surrounded by jacks and this time a bit bigger and soon all the bendy things were well bent. Then Robin was into a fish that did not want to come in just charging all over the place with long fast runs but Robin won and soon a nice stingray was in the boat. It’s always sad to see a fun party go but these guys just do it so right and more than once I was reduced to tears of laughter so much so I could not even do a knot. As an other saying goes ” haste ye back ” and thanks for a very good trip.